Hello world.

I'm a DPhil student in computer science at the University of Oxford and am currently serving as the research director of the Cooperative AI Foundation. Please feel free to email me if you'd like to get in touch.


My research concerns safety in multi-agent systems and in practice spans game theory, machine learning, and verification. One aspect of this that I spend a lot of time thinking about is how to make AI systems more cooperative, which is the mission of the Cooperative AI Foundation, where I work. At Oxford I am supervised by Michael WooldridgeAlessandro Abate, and Julian Gutierrez, and am a DPhil Affiliate at the Future of Humanity Institute. I am also affilated with both the Centre for the Governance of AI and the Foresight Institute. Before coming to Oxford I worked as an intern on Imandra and was a research assistant for Jacques Fleuriot at the University of Edinburgh, where I completed my MSc in artificial intelligence under the supervision of Vaishak Belle. Prior to this I studied for my BSc in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Warwick with Walter Dean.


Outside of academia my main interests are musicfilm, and art. I like to travel whenever I get the opportunity, especially to Scandinavia (where I previously lived), and in my spare time I enjoy reading, (vegan) cooking, print-making, and clubbing. Ethically and politically, I could be considered part of the effective altruism community (yes, it's a strange name), a humanist, and a Fabian (more generally, a democratic socialist).